“Noah” – Sight & Sound 2013

Join one of these local departing bus trips from our friends at Kewl Tours & Charters out of Walkersville, MD. Call your local office today to sign on to any of the groups listed below.

“NOAH” – Sight & Sound

Join the millions of people from all over the world who have seen this one of a kind, awe-inspiring, family experience. Embark on a journey with Noah and his family as they uphold the call of God to build a boat in a land that has never seen rain! Then watch as hundreds of animals enter and live inside the great ark that surrounds the audience on three sides of a 300 foot stage. Noah – a must see! Meal included at a local Lancaster buffet.

Price – $139.00 to $159.00 per person

Available Dates (2013) – March 16 / April 6 / May 4 / June 15 / August 17 / September 7 / November 2


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